women retreats costa rica

We are offering you to join us on that women empowering retreat in tropical paradise of Costa Rica. The retreat will help you to awaken your inner Goddess by embracing your Feminine powers. It created Especially for Smart, Conscious, Creative Women to Step Into Even More of Their Greatness using their feminine powers given to their by their birthrights as a women.

A lot of women in this world feeling anxiety or depression in spite of the potential for greatness that deep inside they can sense. Majority of women experience a huge gap between the highest potentials they know they could bring to the world and their daily life.
The reason for women unhappiness is the cultivation of a masculine version of power.

While women gained the freedom to do, be and have anything they want, that was not exactly the powers to cause women lives to flourish and thrive.

By embracing a masculine version of power (that was really necessary 50 years ago, but it went too far in this matter), women radically elevated their standards of living, while at the same time, harshly diminished the quality of life.

We are offering to you to evoke your powers, given to you by your birthrights as a women and the goddess during our Femininity Empowering Retreat in Costa Rica.

women retreats costa rica

Even though, women never before have been holding so much power in their hands, as they do now, studies show that this did not bring happiness to them.

Despite the astonishing achievements and freedom women gained during the past 50 years, numerous studies continue to disclose a shocking truth: women’s general sense of happiness and well-being has been on a major and steady decline since the early 1970s.

For all the amazing benefits that feminism has brought to women, it did not resulted in much of personal or spiritual fulfillment.

These unique feminine powers let women to shape the future for themselves and for the whole world around them. These powers are the key for the happy future of our planet, including you and all your family.

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You Deserve to Reclaim Your Happiness

At the Retreat you will learn and Practice different techniques to help you

Liberate yourself from old disempowering patterns, leaving behind the old believes system and behavior patters;

To recognize and shift your inner barriers that have held you back from the victory you KNOW you can have;

To have an empowered relationship with your emotions, and will teach you why it is so essential in order for you to realize your greatest potentials;

Master your capability to recognize your inner guidance and intuition to begin living with the wisdom that you are on your destiny path;

To evoke the powers of Manifestation;

Experience the joy of being totally alive, to live in the moment of here and now so you can enthusiastically engage in the co-creative process of life.

All these are absolutely necessary for every woman, so she can become happy in the relationships, to get happier with her life partner or to find a life partner and what is the most important to understand, discover and realize the multifaceted nature of your femininity and attractiveness.

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Retreat in Costa Rica Includes

  • 7 nights accommodation in a romantic Eco Lodge in Costa Rica (shared accommodations),
  • 3 organic meals per day,
  • Daily lectures and practices on different feminine awakening and spiritual techniques;
  • An essential oils class, to teach you usage of essential oils for emotional balance;
  • A spiritual life coaching session with Nina before the retreat;
  • 2-3 daily 1 hour meditations – 2 days of Forgiveness meditation and 3 days of Vipassana style meditations;
  • There are will be 3 days of silence during your Vipassana practice;
  • Daily private questions and answers per student request;
  • Sharing circle and party at the last day;
  • After retreat spiritual life coaching consultation;

Location and Transportation

We are located 3.5 hours drive from San Jose Airport (Juan Santamaría International Airport).
Guests typically land in San Jose the night prior to Starting date or at the morning of the first day of the retreat.
We can organize group shuttle transport to the Retreat for $55 per person each way.
The pickup time at San Jose at 11:00 am at the 1st day of the retreat. The place of pick up will be announced later. The returned transportation will leave the retreat at 8:30 a.m. at the last day of the retreat with approximate time of arriving to San Jose (SJO) airport will be 1-1:30 p.m.
If you are planning to use this service, please arrange your travel plans accordingly and let us know to reserve your spot at least 3 weeks prior to the retreat date. There are will be no additional pickups.

Payments and Refunds

The Cost of 7 days retreat is $1650 per person.

This is a Women Only Retreat.

The Cost of 7 days retreat is $1650 per person with $500 non- refundable deposit at registration.
The balance is due in 30 days after the registration or 60 days before the retreat, whatever is sooner. (Meaning if you registered within 60 days of the retreat the full payment is due at registration)

The payment is non refundable at 60 days before the retreat.

Before 60 days of the retreat the payment is refundable excluding $500 deposit.

We accept Paypal or check deposit to our account in the US.

Feminine power is the power to manifest that which is outside of our control, including those things that every women heart desires – intimacy, close and effective relationship with others, creative expression, authentic communications and having an important effect on life.

When we look at what’s almost lost from our lives and from our world, we can see that in order to achieve the things, most deeply desired by everyone, such as love, intimacy, creativity, aliveness, self-expression, connection, belonging, meaning, purpose and a brighter future for generations to come and for our planet, we need to cultivate a new system of power, a Feminine Power, since everything else, such as control, logic, science and other Masculine ways of existence did not bring us to the results we all longing for.

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