Join Us in Costa Rica for Transformational Retreats and SeminarsChoose from Retreats & Seminars that is Right for You. Choose Now!Travel in Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica for Stress Reduction

Join Us in Costa Rica for Transformational Retreats and Seminars

Spiritual and Wellness Retreats to Change Your Life

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Choose from Retreats & Seminars that is Right for You. Choose Now!

Meditation Retreats, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Couples Seminars, Relationship Counseling Retreats and more.

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Travel in Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica for Stress Reduction

Spiritual Retreats in Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica will Change your Life and Will Bring Happiness to Your Life

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You are Invited to Find Your Road To Happiness with Healing Retreats in Costa Rica

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Our happiness consists of 3 main aspects of life in which we need to feel happy:   Love, Health and Relationship.

Each one of these aspects has many layers of its own, where the balance needs to be found.

All this have to be processed and balanced on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Road to Happiness that is what we are offering at our Retreats.

We designed our retreats considering all these factors,
where we will:

Bring you the information, which you will be able to learn on your mental level;

Help you to clear your emotional blockage, so you can process and feel your real emotions of pure love;

Bring you information and show you how to raise your vibrations on physical level;

Help you to get to the road of spirituality, help you to choose the spiritual practice right for you.

Participating in Emotional Healing, Stress Reduction, Wellness & Spiritual Retreats Will Help You To:

Release the mental and emotional patterns that hold you back

Learn Current Day Blockages, Clutter, and Past Life Karma

Understand the key ingredients to healing from the inside-out

Learn new ways to explore who you are in the world and deepen your spiritual journey

Release Stress & Learn Stress Reduction Techniques

Heal Your Emotions and Open Yourself to Full Life Enjoinment

Connect with higher states of awareness

Learn to ignite your passion and create a clear vision for your future

Manifest the fullest potential of your destiny

Attract the love and unconditional happiness that is waiting for you

Let go of survival patterns, and thrive NOW!

Find Your Life Changing Retreat Now

You Deserve to to Find Love and Happiness in Life!

Do you feel that you have lost your sparkle? Do you barely remember what it feels like to be bursting with energy?

Recovering from a breakup, job loss or just down in the dumps, isn’t easy, but the light at the end of the tunnel is a lot closer than you think. So, let’s get up and get going! During our wellness and spiritual retreats in Costa Rica, we will help you to ignite that spark of spirit again.

More and more people these days have come to understanding of Who They Really Are. However the gap between the awareness of the True Identity and the experience of it can be gigantic. You need to gain the real experience of your real self in order to find your happiness. Just having an intellectual understanding is not enough. These experiences you can get during our retreats. The knowledge and practices that will be presented to you are designed around the main goal: for people to live in the real experience of being themselves.
This is the Road to Happiness, Bliss and Love!

Transform Your Life to Blissful Existence!

The Path that Will Bring You Closer to Happiness!

Our Emotional Healing and Stress Reduction Retreats are 7 days intensive boot camps, designed to start your process of emotional healing, start healing your life’s traumas and to teach you techniques that you will be able to practice at home.

We have scheduled retreats, or On-Demand, where you can choose time convenient for you. Our Retreats runs in the small groups or 1on1, to give you all the attention you need.

You will benefit from our Transformation Life Improvement Retreats:

  • When you need emotional healing after difficult life situations.
  • When you ready to step out of your depression or anxiety.
  • When you need to improve your relationship with your love ones.
  • When you are looking to improve your relationship with people around you.
  • When you are looking for the ways to connect to your higher knowledge so your life or business decisions will be wiser and answered will be coming easier.
  • When you got stuck in life and need help to move on.
  • When you are looking to change your life style toward healthy living.
  • When you are looking to control your weight.
  • When you are after 40 and looking to ways to prolong your youth.

Psychologists have concluded that the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need.
In order to find love we are ready to do unbelievable things in life and to endure any kind of hardship. Without love people feel unhappy, depressed and unable to enjoy life fully.

We organized this retreat so you can revive your loving relationship with your partner. We will help you to remember how you felt about each other at the time when you decided to live together. We will help you to feel your strong emotional and physical love toward each other to get happy again. We will help you to remember your emotions and feeling you felt when you fall in love.
We will teach you some special techniques that will help you to keep you love alive through your long life together and to live it happily ever after.

Real happiness cannot be found through money, or through success in career or business, and not even through good sex. It could be found only in the real close loving, trustful relationship with another person.

Immerse yourself in the frequency of pure love, where authentic, real and meaningful healing manifests with ease.

We live our lives, choose our relationships, and solve our problems based upon the way we think of ourselves. The better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are for whatever life brings our way.

The retreat designed to help you learn what does it take to get in to the state of happiness, to help you work and process your unwanted emotions like grief, anger, sadness and others, to reduce stress and eliminate anxiety from your life.

During the retreats you will practice many different techniques, which designed to help you to return to your happy existence; including forgiveness and forgiveness meditation, simple ways to eliminate unwanted thoughts, Vipassana meditation, understanding how to feel your own energy and how to use this knowledge to clear your field of the emotional blocks, will learn how to use essential oils during different life situations and much more.

You will get a lot of knowledge and practice that will help you to clear your energy field from unwanted clutters of buried emotions, help you to clear out your karmic situation and return you to the state of balance.
Being in balance, will bring you to the state of self acceptance, love, health and happiness.

Retreat designed for successful men: businessmen, career men, men working using their intelligence, or just simply working hard without seeing the beauty of life.
Retreat for strong and successful man, who wants to get even more from life. Retreats include Ayahuasca Ceremonies – Medicine for Body, Mind and Soul.

Being in balance with yourself will bring you happy and harmonious relationship with your women, your family, friends and society. This will make you more successful in business, your career and social life.

If this is what you want, our retreats will help you to get closer to your goal.

Do you live to work or do you work to live? Ask yourself this important question if you have not done so. If you realized now or before that you live to work, it’s time to stop!

Stop now, while you still can enjoy life and reclaim your right to happy existence!

Our transformational retreats in Costa Rica designed for you to reach beyond your comfort zone so that you can create the most authentic, empowered, and passionate version of you.

A life you love to live!

Perhaps now, more than any time in the past, our ability to navigate life’s extremes and to stay happy is the key to healthy lives, healthy careers and healthy relationships.

A new world is emerging —one that requires new ways of thinking and living to meet the new needs of our lives.

Finding the Courage to Change allows you to manifest your truest intentions for awakening the greatest version of you.

Living from the heart, living by generating only love and compassion will save our World, our Planet and everyone you Love!

Joining us on the retreats will get you to the right road to Happiness That is True For Your Personally!

Make it Happened Now

Make This Important Step to Your Emotional Freedom and Happiness!

Our Transformation Spiritual Wellness Retreats To Help You Find Eternal Happiness Located in Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica