How to Get From San Jose to San Isidro by Bus – Perez Zeledon San Isidro de General

Via Bus From San Jose to San Isidro de General –  Perez Zeledon

Step 1: Take a bus or taxi to the MUSOC bus terminal (terminal de MUSOC), Avenida 22 and
Calle Central, downtown San Jose.
By Bus (requires a short taxi ride from one bus terminal to another)
• From a bus station (Parada De Autobus) at the airport or near your Alajuela
accommodation, take a city bus to the bus depot in downtown San Jose.
o Ensure it is the correct bus by asking, ‘Para San Jose Central?’
o Cost: USD$1/600 colones
o Travel Time: 1 hr in normal traffic, 2 hrs if bad

Take an official taxi (red with a black logo), queued on the street, to the ‘San Jose
terminal MUSOC, Avenida 22 y Calle Central’
o Cost: USD$3.75/2000 colones
o Travel Time: Several minutes

By Taxi
• From the Airport or Alajuela accommodation, take an official airport taxi (orange is more
expensive) or an official standard taxi (red with a black logo), to ‘San Jose terminal
MUSOC, Avenida 22 y Calle Central’
o Cost: USD$25 – $30/18,000 – 20,000 colones
o Travel Time: 30 min. in normal traffic, or 1 hr if bad

Step 2: Take a bus from the San Jose MUSOC bus terminal to San Isidro del General.
• Schedule: Daily, 5:30AM to 6:30PM, every hour on the half hour (schedule may vary)
• Purchase ticket at window before boarding
• Cost: US $7/3500 colones
• Travel Time: 3 hours
• Larger bags are stowed safely under the bus
• Keep your valuables in a small bag with you at all times
• NOTE: The bus stops midway for a 15-min snack and bathroom break
• Arrive at: MUSOC bus terminal (intersection of Carr Interamericana and Calle 2)