Cashews Marañon Costa Rica Tropical Exotic Fruits

Cashews – Anacardium occidentale – Marañon . are spendthrift fruits that have many different uses. They originate in tropical America, and the cashew fruit has one small but tough external nut. The fruit itself has a smooth exterior.

cashew  costa ricaScientifically speaking, the small seed on the top of the fruit is the real fruit and the soft part of fruit is the peduncle.
The seed, or nut, is the most valuable part. It is roasted to create a delicious, dry nut with high levels of oil and protein.
The soft part of the Cashew is very exotic sweet tasting fruit. You can suck on it, to take out the great tasting juice or extract the juice from it in the juicer. In season – April, May.

One of the interesting and good tasting exotic fruits to try if it is in season, when you are visiting Costa Rica.