Jackfruit Costa Rica Exotic Fruits

jackfruit costa rica exotic fruits

Jackfruit  Artocarpus heterophyllus, is the largest tree grown fruit in the world. It grows 50-80 lb -see the picture comparing it to the mug.

It is a very weird looking fruit. It huge and the whole fruit smell may at first unpleasant. When you open it, you will see the small fruits inside. The fruits taste very sweet with really exotic taste. You probably will not be able to each a lot of it, so when purchase, better to it with the company of friends.
The small fruits inside the large fruit has seeds inside, which locals boil and then eat them use as nuts. They taste good as real nuts.
There are different recipes on wed how to prepare the jackfruit, but we used it row and only small fruits inside, which were delicious. When you separate it from the white flaky fiber, stay away from the center, it has gooey milk, which is hard to clean out.

Jackfruit is one of those weird fruits, which you really need to try, when traveling in Costa Rica.