On Demand De-Stress Retreat with Stress Management Education 3-7 Days Costa Rica

Retreat Date Arranged According to Availability Participant and Facilitator

Retreat Designed for the Group 1 - 10 participants

businessman stress management retreat costa rica

Either you are an entrepreneur or working for a company, life could be stressful sometimes.

Freedom from life circumstances  and happiness those are the main things everyone is hoping to acquire by finding a good job or opening a business.
Do you feel that you got what you wanted?

If yes, my congratulations, you found a balance in your life!

But unfortunately, daily routine brings a lot of stress in to the life, if you do not manage it properly.

meditation retreat costa rica

3-7 Days Stress Management Retreat On Demand will accommodate your schedule, will help you to reduce your stress and will teach you how to manage stress in your daily life.

We will teach you easy stress reduction techniques that will help you to dramatically improve your life quality and will take very little time in your daily life.
Opening your consciousness to different points of view on life circumstances, eliminating negative thoughts and believes, not belonging to you, will help you to manage your life situations and stay in the healthy state of life enjoyment.

Those techniques are so easy to use and will take so little of your time, that you will be surprise.
However they will need to be practiced with consistency and become your life’s routine, just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. This will be the effort you will need to do by yourself, no one else can help with this task.
The good news, thought,  all it should take is 30-40 min a day and your life will become much happier!

Make the First Step Toward Your Stress Ease!

You Deserve to Reclaim Your Happiness

Benefits of taking your time and go to Stress Management Educational Retreat on Demand in Costa Rica

Reduce your stress level;

Learn stress management techniques for daily use;

Ease your daily business management | improve your work performance;

Help you to make better decisions;

Help you to find your road if you got lost or stuck on the way;

Improve your relationship with your family members and loved ones;

Improve your relationships within your place of work or business and in society;

Other “hidden” benefits of health improvements and more.

Ready to invest 3 days of your life toward YOUR HAPPINESS?!

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Retreat in Costa Rica Includes

  • Accommodation shared 2-3 people in the room,
  • 3 fresh natural meals per day,
  • Daily meditations and practice of other stress reduction techniques;
  • Daily teachings of different stress management techniques;
  • A life coaching session with Nina before the retreat;
  • Daily private questions and answers per student request;
  • After retreat 1 supporting life coaching consultation per request;
  • Small group – 1-10 participants.

Pricing and Packages

3 Days Retreats

1 person                        $900

2 People                     $1,650

Group 3-4 peoples      $1,950

Every Additional person $350

5 Days Retreats

1 person                     $1,450

2 People                     $2,600

Group 3-4 peoples      $4,800

Every Additional person $390

Max 10 participants

Payments and Refunds

Terms and payments:

We require full prepayment at registration.
Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee.
The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.
Please contact us to set up your retreat and discuss detailes

We accept Paypal or check deposit to our account in the US.

Location and Transportation

We are located 3-3.5 hours drive from San Jose Airport (Juan Santamaría International Airport).
We can organize group shuttle transport to the Retreat for $55 per person each way. ( for 5+participants)
The pickup time at San Jose at 3:00 pm at the 1st day of the retreat. The place of pick up will be announced later. The returned transportation will leave the retreat at 3:30 p.m. at the last day of the retreat with approximate time of arriving to San Jose (SJO) airport will be 7:00 p.m.
If you are planning to use this service, please arrange your travel plans accordingly and let us know to reserve your spot at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat date. There are will be no additional pickups.

Although, This is Not a Miracle and Not a Pill for Happiness!

Achievement of Above Results Requires Your Effort and Your Participation In The Process.
You will need to set your intentions and keep practicing the techniques in your daily life.

Otherwise, the effect from our Stress Management Educational Retreat in Costa Rica will be short and inconsistent.

Continue practicing these techniques in your daily life after the retreat will change your life and will bring in it a lot more happiness.
We hope to see you on the retreat and to share this beautiful experience of transformation with us.

De-Stress Now for Your Better Tomorrow!

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