Where To Stay In Costa Rica

where to stay in costa rica

Costa Rica is major tourist destination for millions of people each year. No matter what your budget, there is accommodation to suit every traveler’s needs and tastes. Costa Rica has accommodation ranging from ultra luxury resorts located right on the beach and offering scenic views to a cabin in the jungle- you name it Costa Rica has it.
The first thing to know is where you want to go in Costa Rica. Do you want to go off-the beaten path destinations? Stay in the small towns and cities, explore the rainy forests or do you want to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation near the beach? The second thing you need to decide is your budget and be realistic- like all things in life, budget accommodations provide basic amenities but the luxury resorts provide almost everything that you can possibly want on a vacation. The good thing about Costa Rica is no matter where you go for vacation, there is always some type of accommodation to suit your budget.
When you visit Costa Rica, in my opinion, the best option for accommodation is to rent a vacation rental property. Over the past few years, Costa Rica vacation rental industry has blossomed and rivals even the best hotels. The great thing about these vacation rentals is that you can rent the lodgings for as long as you like and they are usually located in the tourist areas. The vacation rentals have many options and the cost depends on the number of rooms and what amenities come with it. These vacation rentals are ideal for backpackers and families, as well as you can share the house with your friends. The biggest advantage of Costa Rica vacation rentals is that you feel like you are in your home; you are free to come and go as you please. When you are vacationing this way, you will see and enjoy more of real Costa Rican culture and have more fun, especially if you will stay in or near the most popular “party towns” like Playa del Coco, to enjoy nice swimming beach, Playa Tamarindo to enjoy surfing, Jaco to be close to San Jose and to visit the volcanoes areas and other places.
Choose your vacation rental property now and enjoy your vacation.
Next choice choice, as always are hotels. There are many types of hotels in Costa Rica – some are 5 star and others are 2 stars or less. In the countryside, many of these hotels are run by expats families and offer a home-like atmosphere. There are small hotels in almost every tourist destination area and the best thing about them is that the owners will offer you advice on what to see, do, and avoid. If you are looking to experience Costa Rican culture and its people, staying in a small hotel is the way to go. You will not only get to know more about the place, you will also come to meet real nice people.
Costa Rica is a mecca for tourism and today there are all- inclusive resorts that offer every type of amenity that you can think off. These all-inclusive resorts are located all over the country and they take care of everything. All you have to do is show up. Most inclusive resorts cater to families and are located next to the scenic beaches. In addition, these resorts also offer tours or expeditions to the volcanoes, rain forests, and mountains for an extra fee. You will never be disappointed with an all-inclusive resort –there is ample to eat and drink, plus the resorts offer many types of activities and you live the life of luxury for a week or so. Make sure to travel around, do not stay in resort all the time. Otherwise your Costa Rica vacation will not be any different than your vacation in Mexico or Dominican Republic.
The final options for staying in Costa Rica are the ecohotels. Costa Rica is a green friendly country and has gone to extremes to protect the environment. This has led to development of many ecohotels, usually in the smaller towns near the mountains, rainforests, volcanoes, and rivers. The location of these hotels allows you to explore the natural environment, go hiking, mountain climbing or see the volcanoes. Some of these ecofriendly hotels also offer healthy menus and encourage a stress-free lifestyle (e.g. yoga, meditation, detox, etc). The one negative of these hotels is that they are best suited for adults only; children may not like them as they don’t offer all the amenities of a beach side resort.
With all these options, one simply can’t go wrong about vacationing in Costa Rica. Before you travel, write down your preferences and what you would like to do in Costa Rica. No matter what your budget, you can rest assured, you will find something that matches your interests and likes. If you are awed by the huge number of options, go north to the “Gold Coast.” This part of Costa Rica has a warm dry climate, laid back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, pristine blue waters of the pacific and small seaside towns dispersed all over the pacific coast. The three key towns here include Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo and Playas del Coco. These scenic towns are a haven for honeymooners because of the splendid scenery. Some of the places where you can rent accommodation include Playas del Coco, Hermosa and Ocotal and Papagayo. Many people who vacation here, even end up buying the property as a retirement home.
Make sure to check out properties available for sale before end of your vacation. You never know, you may be liking what you see and decide to move here in some time.