Borinquen Mountain Resort and Hot Springs Spa Guanacaste Costa Rica

Borinquen Mountain Resort and Hot Springs Spa Guanacaste Costa Rica is a beautiful choice for Mountain vacation.

The hotel offers beautiful and private villas, bungalows and junior suites with a rustic design yet modern amenities that will let you enjoy a very comfortable and relaxing vacation.

All rooms have decks or balconies with beautiful mountain views and magnificent sunsets. The climate combines the fresh air of the mountains with the Guanacaste dry and sunny weather.

There are several natural steaming volcanic fumaroles located inside the premises of Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa.
Borinquen Mountain Resort recreational area offers thermal springs with hot pools, the volcanic mud and the natural steam-rooms, as well as beautiful pools, surrounded by exquisite flora and fauna.

Volcanic mud baths help feed your skin with nutrients, provide anti-inflamatory properties, helps releasing of body toxins and promotes relaxation. Hot volcanic mud is collected daily from the fumaroles located on-site and placed in an urn to cool down for your use.

In addition to all relaxing amenities, Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa offers active adventures trips.

Enjoy your horse ride on the mountain hill, experience exuberant forests, wash up in the hidden waterfalls and finish your adventure on the canopy-zip lines.